Saturday, October 6, 2012

Seattle Home Show 2 Visitors Enjoying the Comforts of Sleep Number Beds

Seattle Home Show 2 always offers Northwesterners the chance to see and touch first hand all the latest products and services for the home, and this year is no exception.  Among the home products show visitors are particularly enjoying this year are the Sleep Number adjustable firmness mattresses from Select Comfort. The Sleep Number beds feature air chamber technology that allows consumers to adjust the mattress with exactly the firmness they desire, whether it be featherbed or extra firm. Pictured here, Seattle Home Show 2 visitors taking the time to discover the comfort of Sleep Number mattresses for themselves.

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Unknown said...

It truly is remarkable how the sleep number technology finds its way into the comfort of its customers. It seems as though the bed is destined for each person because of the number that they fit into.