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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Local Custom Home Builder Showcases Unique Low-Impact Home at Seattle Home Show 2

Seattle Home Show 2 exhibitor Speciality Built Construction has long been a pioneer in green and low impact construction. At Seattle Home Show 2, SBC is showcasing one of its recently completed custom homes: a one-of-a-kind low impact green home featuring timber frame construction.

“The goal was to build a home to assure low impact to the earth and originally to achieve a 4 Star Built Green certification,” says Rick Stockmann, principal of SBC. “Once that was achieved and the homeowners saw how far they had come, they decided to achieve a 5 Star Built Green certification.”

Listed here are just some of the unique items that were points achieved to qualify for the 4 Star. “What makes it so interesting is that we achieved 635 points when only 500 points were needed for a 5 Star certification,” says Stockmann. Among the points rated are:

Excavation - there were no soils removed from the site.
Masonry - all stone used was excavated from the site.
Building Products - FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council) or similar process followed.
Electrical - Solar voltaic panels wired to operate the transfer of collected power back to the "grid" for credit in the future operation of the home, along with LED, CFL, and low voltage lighting plan which allows them to achieve 75% less cost
Landscaping -- All rockery was provided by the on site excavation for the foundation of the home. Plantings were all "native low water usage plants" plus salvaged plants that were replanted due to excavation. Grasses were a special grass seed that needs virtually no water and only grows to a height of 6 inches for the growing period of the year

SBC is featuring an extensive photographic display of the home, with a personal appearance by the homeowners on Saturday. Also included in the SBC booth is a display by some of the suppliers for the home of various reclaimed and recycled building materials available to consumers.

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